Charles Ochei
2 min readJun 26, 2022


Photo by Inkredo Designer on Unsplash

How often do you take photos of yourself?

Can you post photos of yourself from the trenches on Instagram as you would if you took them in beautiful places?

Do you consider aesthetics before sharing photos of yourself on the internet? Or do you post them in their original form without adjustments?

Does the environment matter to you? Or do you just want to share you, your experience — however, wherever?

I recently saw a film on Netflix called The Photograph. It’s a romantic movie about Mae, the daughter of a photographer and Michael, a journalist. There’s also Issac Jefferson, a fisherman, who is the subject of a new story Michael’s working on.

While at an interview session at his home with Michael, Isaac pulled out a photo album belonging to Christine, his ex-girlfriend who later happened to be Mae’s Photographer’s mother. It contained her work as a photographer while living in New York in the 90s.

Something stroke me about these photos. They’re raw, focused on the object, the memories, emotions and stories.

At that scene, I paused and asked myself why don’t we(regular people) take photos like these? Photos that are clean, photos that are just photos of us taken anywhere. Photos of us just being us. Photos with no filter or overly planned pose. Lastly, why don’t we upload raw photos of ourselves to Instagram?

By raw, I mean unedited, with no adjustments and no overly planned poses.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with edited photos. They’re relatively beautiful. However, edited photos hide our insecurities.

arghhhhhhhh… I apologize. This article has no conclusion. It has been in my draft for two months and it doesn’t allow me to think clearly to write new articles.

No one owes you anything. Know this and have peace.



Charles Ochei